Distance Healing by Angels

  • Angelic Healing – how do I perform it?
  • These are the steps I take:
  • A person contacts me and requests a healing session.
  • I take a few details  (only what you want to give). I don’t need to know what pain you have, how long you’ve had it etc.,  So long as I have your name I can work with the Angels on your healing.
  • We agree a time and date to begin. We will also agree a time and date to finish.
  • At that time and day, you will find somewhere you can be alone and undisturbed for approx. 45 minutes. You will lie or sit down and relax. Wearing loose clothing or something you feel comfy in will help you relax, even play a little soft music and light a scented candle if it helps.
  • At the same time and day, I will be in my Healing Space asking the Angels to help in my healing.
  • I will carry out my process of calling your Energy Body into my Healing Space and then perform the Healing on your Energy Body. When complete, I will send your Energy Body back into your physical body.
  • If I receive any messages for you during the Healing, I will tell you once the session is complete.
  • If you would like an Angel Card reading at the same time, I will give you feedback once the session is complete.
  • Contact will be via e-mail, Skype and/or text message. This will be before the start and then at the end of the session.
  • We will arrange another session if you need one.
  • Important Note:
  • All I ask is that you begin your Healing with an open mind. You do not have to believe in Angels, you do not have to be a part of any religious group. Healing from our Creator is for everyone.
  • When I work with the Angels, I am working with the entire Universe and our Creator, who knows exactly what needs to be healed, why and when. You cannot have too much healing as you will only receive the healing you require at that particular time.

Angel Oracle Cards

Choose a set of cards or allow me to divine a pack to use for your reading.

Archangel Raphael Healing Cards

Healing With The Angels Cards

Angel Oracle Cards


You will receive a full 3 card reading that contains the following:

First Card - relates to recent past.

Second Card - relates to your present.

Third Card - relates to your immediate future.