My Near Death Experience

Do Angels Exist?

Anyone finding my site will no doubt ask this question.

They will wonder why I became an Angelic Healing Practitioner and what my beliefs are.

Well, now I’m going  to tell you! Go and grab a tea or coffee and then read on ...

It was 1977, I was Police Officer and passenger in a police car when the vehicle driver lost control as the car slid across the road.
Imagine disco strobe lighting or the old black and white Charlie Chaplin films, it was like that. I saw a lampost 30 feet away, then a black flash and it was 15 feet away, another flash and the car smashed into the lampost.

I was thrown out of the passenger seat – no seatbelt needed to be worn at that time - my forehead smashed through the windscreen.

It was then that the ‘experience’ occurred.

Pulled upwards, as though attached to a large, thick elastic band. I shot upwards into a brilliant, blinding light.

In front of me stood a man, all in white, white gown, white beard, white hair, everything white. He was smiling at me with arms and hands outstretched, his palms opened towards me. He smiled and shook his head.

In that instant, I dropped downwards. It was like being in an elevator with its  cables broken. The same person stood in front of me again, same clothes, same light and shook his head.

Suddenly, I was back inside the car, feeling blood trickling down my face.

My right hand covered my right eye, I could feel something sticking to my hand. I screamed, more out of fright than pain at that time. The images I’d seen didn’t seem to make much sense to me at that time, even though they were still vivid in my mind.

I was rushed to an Accident Hospital and treated for serious loss of blood and severe lacerations to my forehead, side and top of head.

When I woke up several hours later, I kept going back to the crash and wondering what had happened. I knew with absolute certainty, that I’d been to Heaven and I’d been to Hell too!

I felt a sudden overwhelming sadness and was extremely upset. Had I been refused entry to Heaven and Hell?

What kind of horrible person was I?
Was I so awful a person that Heaven and Hell wouldn’t have me?

My emotions ran very high. I felt very upset, hurt and didn’t tell anyone about my experience. In Hospital I wasn’t allowed to see my injuries. There were no mirrors, but after a few hours, I managed to get to the toilet and look in a mirror. The face that looked back at me wasn’t mine. My mind seemed to go into close-down as it wrestled with the image in front of it. It wasn't the face I’d seen every day for the last 19 years. It didn’t seem like me anymore. It was a terrific shock.

It took a few weeks before I understood what the experience really meant.

I had been to Heaven, I had seen an Angel who had shook his head.

I then went to Hell, I had seen an Angel who had shook his head.

I believed I was a horrible, nasty person, not worthy of going to Heaven and not even fit to go to Hell!
But then I realised the reason why I wasn't wanted in Heaven or Hell -it was because I was still ALIVE!
Do Angels Exist?  Well, there you have it – my answer!

Forty years later, my wife and I have 5 grandchildren, two are very poorly and my wife and I look after them. We have prayed for help and guidance like we’ve never prayed before.

I realised last year, after 40 years, that the Angel who shook his head gesturing ‘No’, was my own Guardian Angel, James.

I know I have two Guardian Angels called James and Thomas.

I am finally on my true pathway, and what a pathway it is!

I am now a qualified Angelic Healing Practitioner and Crystal Healing Practitioner.

I also read Angelic Healing Cards.

I have the opportunity to do something I’ve thought about for a few years now.

Once your mind, body, heart, spirit and life experiences have told you this is the path, then this is it! It is something that once chosen, there is no turning back.

We are not forced to do anything in this life, but we are guided. It’s whether we choose to listen to that guidance.

I am blessed with the opportunity now to help others along with my grandchildren.

With Blessings and Light, John