About Me - Healing by Angels

My name is John Alexander Priest and I am an Angelic Healer and Angel Oracle Card Reader.

Read my story to find out more.


*I believe in 'Prayer Power', I think that the more people that can pray together in unison shows a strength to Mother/Father God and our purpose to help each other and the planet/Universe.

I will be forming a prayer group to pray on Archangel Raphael's day of the week - Wednesdays and at a time (UK GMT) every week.

#PrayerPower is the phrase I hope to use on Twitter etc., so if you would like to join or have someone/something you would like us to pray for, please contact me.


My Story

For me, my journey with the Angels began in the 70's, after a Near Death Experience ...

My Near Death Experience

Is ready for you to read in another tab ...

My Aim

Is to work with the Angelic Realm and  help as many people in as many ways as I can. This includes Relationships, Businesses and Animals, but this list is not exhaustive. Whatever you like to call the One above; Lord, God, Goddess, The Light, etc.,etc., I believe I've been given (and accepted gratefully) a mission from Above to help.

I will continue to carry it out in the best way I can.

My Blessings to you,


Advanced Angelic Healing Practitioner

Crystal Healing Practitioner

Angel Card Oracle Reader