Have you ever asked yourself why or how Angels interest you?

Do you feel comforted at the thought of your Guardian Angel being near to you, ready to help you as soon as you request assistance?

I believe everyone of us is able to heal others, it's the wanting and belief to do it.

If you feel you can make a difference in this world and are ready to help others, but maybe need more information or training, there are links below that can assist you.

If you want advice regarding Angelic Healing and need a course or perhaps you need Angel Feathers for smudging and healing?

These are the links to two remarkably gifted people. Go and have a look.

Please note: I do not receive payments for anything purchased from these two wonderful ladies, I am not an 'affiliate', I just know from my own personal experience how blessed and gifted they both are;-)

Tania Magdelene is my 'healing mentor' and friend. She can be contacted here:


Tania Magdalene has several courses on Udemy, at the above link. If you're interested in Healing Modalities please take a look

The feathers below were designed and hand painted by Alison Elizabeth. She paints feathers or stones but that's not all, so please contact her with your requirements here:

Alison Elizabeth – Earth Art Alchemy

Shop for magical gifts, art and spiritual tools in Alison’s Etsy Shop